The services we provide are wide ranging, comprehensive, entirely confidential and are carried out by professional investigators under the personal supervision of Malcolm Gaskill, the company founder and senior partner who has over 30 years experience in the field of private investigation.


We are able to locate individuals and organisations for all legal purposes including missing relatives, adopted children, birth mothers, Will beneficiaries, witnesses for legal matters, old comrades, college friends, ex spouses and former partners.


The need to know is a powerful incentive to establish what is happening in a location beyond your own radar.
Using all of the latest technology and experienced ground operatives we will assist you to find the answers you seek, whether your requirement is for Matrimonial, Commercial , Insurance or any legal purposes, either at home in the UK or Overseas.

General Enquiries

Over the years we have been asked to seek the answers to a wide range of questions some practical, some fascinatingly strange and obscure.
If there is something you have always wanted to know perhaps about your ancestry or other aspects of your family or friends, try us.

Technical Equipment

Since 1976 we have used many pieces of technical equipment to assist us in our enquiries.
If you are uncertain as to what you require give us call before purchasing and we will advise you.
We will not sell you anything that is not suitable for your immediate needs.

Gaskill’s Investigation Services are approved by the legal profession and commerce and have been serving the public continuously since 1976.