Malcolm Gaskill first entered the world of private investigation in 1967 having completed an apprenticeship which included working with the new micro technology of printed circuits and transistors which were starting to be used in miniature radios, recording devices and movie cameras using super eight cine film, the forerunner of the video recorder and digital cameras.

Only a handful of Investigators in the UK were using this new micro technology and Malcolm was soon in demand working as a freelance agent for some of the biggest London solicitor companies and through them the Insurance companies, and the Underwriters who were picking up the bills for exaggerated and possible fraudulent personal injury claims.

The next few years saw him gain a reputation for delivering evidence in Court cases where others had failed and the Legal profession, Underwriters and the Insurance industry as a whole took note.

Having gained considerable experience handling various cases as diverse as gathering evidence for the defence in a murder trial, routine matrimonial surveillance enquiries, missing persons successfully located and of course the Insurance claims cheats defeated, he realised the next step was to work for himself and opened the first office of GASKILL’S INVESTIGATION SERVICES in Kingston upon Thames in Surrey in 1976.

In 1981 Malcolm re-located to live in Cheshire and opened an office in his home town of Manchester leaving the Kingston office to be run by an associate, Dennis Byrne with a newly formed company Byrne and Gaskill Limited. Byrne and Gaskill Ltd continued to successfully trade in Kingston upon Thames until the retirement of Dennis Byrne in 2005.

Malcolm’s contacts in the Insurance industry opened the door to a new venture when in 1985 he was invited to bring his expertise into the shipping and marine cargo insurance claims arena, a world wide industry based on Lloyds of London, the P and I clubs, shipping companies and their Underwriters.

In 1985 MALCOLM GASKILL INSPECTION SERVICES commenced trading in the Red Sea port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Malcolm continues to take a full time role in both of the business’s from his UK base in Winsford Cheshire.

Offices based in Dubai, Kuwait,